is ToonBoomStudio Dieing?

As a long time user of ToonBoom Studio, i often wonder if its simply going to die off from here on end. It seems like…theres no real point in it besides the smaller price tag to stay with it when all the best features are aimed at Animate (except a scene manager for some reason).

TBS and I have been like best friends but I dont really see it improving enough to stick with it. I mean how far can it really go?Upgrade? It’s probably just going to have old Animate features. And if it does get something Animate doesnt, we will feel ripped off for a less advanced software getting something we dont. So I ask, is ToonBoom Studio slowly dieing is Animate (not pro) the new hobbyist tool choice ?

I doubt it. It is probably the most popular toomboom product (although I am just guessing).

It is just repostioned itself in the market. I don’t think in the future there will be any new features available in studio not in animate. It wouldn’t make sence from a buisness point of view.

It creates a starting point. The majority of people enjoy it for fun so purchasing animate just isn’t going to happen. It was a stretch for me personally justifying spending that much on a “toy”. Hopefully I am moving away from that attitude towards animate and will become a semi-professional (thats my dream :P)

I think that TBS is a software response for a consumer segment that begins to work with a powerfull digital tool in a low price range, with some limitations, but a very complete suite that covers many animation techniques in a unique software. This has been developed year to year increasing its operative capabilities. If we look Toon Boom Studio comparative with Animate, of course that Animate is more professional tool in order to precision work and high end, but this does not detract from Toon Boom Studio value as software for beginers animators, hobby users, and individual animators that can produces a entire animation work into a unique digital suite. Toon Boom Studio is excellent if you can adapt your technique and aesthetics to the software response. You think that it is dieing? I don´t think that happens, simply are different products with different targets.
I also believe that every user wants to have an increasingly powerful tool that allows to do his work with the best quality and that makes users migrate to the next level and find new joys. Best.


wait what?

I know what toon boom studio is man lol. You sound like i just insulted your mother or something. lol Relax man,I love toon boom studio i’m just pondering it’s life span with 3 products out.

But i see you atleast understand why I question the lifespam atleast.

But again, please focus on my entire statement. Again ill say it …How far can the program continue upgrade… until its Animate? Thats the main reason I “question” if it’s eventually gonna die in use-age. Because like you said most people are going to want the most powerful tool they can get. I already know the money issue, but i mean besides that how far can Toon boom studio really progress?

No way I felt insulted by your words on this issue. I tried to let you know my point of view, and I think this is clear. I do not know your user history and respect all their personal views.
Unfortunately there are words in your vocabulary that I can not accurately translate as: lol, alteast, lifespam for ex. (No Google, no Babelfish not in my dictionary , nothing.)
Again, different products for different segments with their own developments and objectives. Studio, takes place preferably in range of techniques rather than the high end. Animate much more directed to the professional work, less encompassing in a variety of techniques, with an acceptable high end.
If we think in comparison, a standard car, has an acceptable technical and termination and is therefore massively marketable. Can it continue to develop new car models in its segment?: Definitely yes.
But. VMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, produce luxurious and powerful car for their own segment of the non mass market. Continue to develop?: Definitely yes.
If you could, buy a Ferrari?: probably yes.
Can you understand my analysis? They are different products, and ultimately Toon Boom Animation is who will decide the business strategies of each segment and the future development of their products. I hope I was able to clarify my thinking as user about this issue.