Is ToonBoom Studio correct package for this?...


I am an illustrator and will be making a raft of little animations to go on websites and on mobile devices. The animation style and graphics are very basic - they need to be because there are many that need creating. I am looking at buying / learning ToonBoom Studio for this.

To give an idea as to content and style, this is a 7 frame very rough animated gif created in Photoshop, but need the finished animations to be probably 1024 x 768px, and probably over 20 - 25 frames to get a slightly smoother, but still stop-framey feel if you get my meaning.

See link here

What I’d like to know from the experienced users, is whether they think TB Studio would do a good job, or should I go for one of the fun software packages like Flip Boom.

Also, are there any good resources out there to get someone totally new to this software up to speed on the basics? Are the resources on TB’s own website the best in your opinions, or are there better out there on the web. I need to learn this software pretty sharpish as there are many many deliverables pending

Many thanks in advance

Hi! Don’t know if you made a decision yet, but for the work you are doing, which I find very promising from looking at it and hearing your description of the storyline (you mentioned to me through email); you need the tools and features of TBS to accomplish your animations, Flip Boom apps may not be sufficient for your projects. There is learning material for TBS, if you are interested, please send an email to

I would actually suggest Animate or higher if you are serious about breaking into the professional market.
Note that for Animate/Pro there are online free video tutorials to get you up and animating quickly. Cheers!