Is Toon Boom Express worth buying?


My son (turning 13 tomorrow) is an artist and plays around with Pivot all day. Looking around the internet it appears toon boom is a good product for him? It’s a bit pricey, but would users recommend starting off with the express version?



I’m teaching an animation class to middle school kids your son’s age, using Toon Boom Studio, and some of them picked up the necessary skills quickly and were able to create flip-book style animation in a few weeks. Most of them will probably never care to learn the more powerful tools offered by the software, however. I don’t know how Express compares to Studio, but if it offers the basic frame-by-frame animation tools it would probably be sufficient for your son’s needs. If he is interested in software and how it works he might be a candidate for the higher-level tools available in Studio. I think Toon Boom is having a sale right now for students - around $150 for Studio?? Can’t remember the details. There’s also cheaper animation software ($50 for non-pro version) offered by Anime Studio - a kid I know just bought it and seems to like it.

Thank you for the advice! Most helpful.
I think you have made my decision.