Is this too complicated for a newb?

I am thinking about buying an animation product but I’m not sure what to get. Basically I am a newb and want to make some simple cartoons and little unique animations for my websites. Someone told me about Toon Boom but I don’t know if it’s too complicated and professionally orientated for a newb to use or what. This guy seems to think Illusion Mage is easy. Anyone ever use that?

I tried Adobe CS5 for 30 days and it seemed really complicated, basically I would need to go to school to learn how to use it. I want something easy to make a little motorcycle whiz across the screen or something like that.

Thanks for any input.

I had a look at the product you mention, this is for 3D animation. If you’ve never done animation before any product will seem complicated.

I started in animation using the free Daz Studio 3D animation programme which at least taught me about key frames and timing but was a bit like digital Cindy. I moved on to Carrara Pro which comes free with the book ‘Figures, Characters, and Avatars’ and allows you to make your own content. However, proper 3D animation requires you to learn modelling, texturing and lighting before you get onto animation. It’s like if you want to build a house entirely yourself you’ll need to first learn bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing and electric wiring.

I moved on to 2D animation with Animate Pro 6 which was available on offer at 30$ and was relatively easy to learn, although the drawing tools weren’t very good and it was a bit flakey. I’m now with ToonBoom and love the programme.

My advice would be to download the Personal Learning Edition of ToonBoom Animate 2 and do some of the excellent video tutorials on the Animate 2 site but you’ll still have a steepish learning curve if you’ve no experience in animation.

I agree that Toon Boom Animate is a great animation software!
It is user friendly and has free tutorials.

Note that it is designed to produce professional 2D animation.

If you are more the hobbyist, you could download the trial version of Toon Boom Studio to try it out; then post your question about moving your drawing across the screen for a simple answer that will have you animating in minutes!

Thank you for the responses, I am kind of kicking around the ideas still. I can’t go wrong with the free trials I guess…will keep you posted (probably more like asking questions lol)