Is this site undergoing maintenance?

How do I see the threads I have subscribed to? Where is the search function? Why is there so much spam in the general forum?

Looking into joining the toonboom family, and am hoping the forums are not always so hard to use.

Any insight from more experienced users? Thanks in advance.

TB did just revamp the website. The forum did not get much of a facelift but the forum-specific Search field was removed. A full website wide Search engine which includes the forum content is located at the bottom of the page within Site Map. Once you click on SIte Map the Search field will be located in the upper right corner of your display.

This forum uses a very simple software. There is no PM or any of the common features you see on most forums. I believe the subscription alerts are sent to the email address in your profile section. I have not subscribed to anything here to know for certain. Actually I think I did subscribe to at least one thread but I never came across the alerts or no one ever posted again in the threads…most likely the later.

Check in often and do not rely on that button that says, “Mark Everything Read” as it does not always flag the new unread posts when you have returned. It is more reliable to look at the “Last Post” times and dates.

Also, the forum is sort of like a truck left rolling down the road without a driver. It gets a lot of SPAM that does not get cleared out, especially in the Studio section. Doing searches will pull up old posts of TB staff like Lilly. They have participated here in the past but there is not a moderator.

There is no way to measure how many people are ever here. Sometimes it seems like one or two pop in every few hours. It is never beaming with activity. Maybe you could think of it more like a bulletin board where you post a question and check back for an answer. Do not expect anyone to be around when you post.

I use the forum as a tool to learn by attempting to find answers for people. I may not encounter their problem for a long time on my own so I see every question as an opportunity and catalyst to learn something. It all helps to gain an understanding of the software. So I am typically checking in and out of here several times each day.

Thanks for your input. I’m just learning/evaluating and am more used to Adobe’s forums where in most cases you can search for your specific quandary and find discussions that help one to learn & teach very quickly. I like your metaphor of the truck left rolling.

Thanks again,