Is this rigging method wrong?

I used the method outlined here this is much simpler than the one given in the tutorials.

Is this rigging method fine or is it wrong and in what way is it better or worse than the one mentioned in the tutorials?

I would suggest she is one of the best people to give advice. I would trust her :slight_smile:

But your rig depends on your needs.

There’s a hundred different ways to make a rig. Its all about preference really. Personally I prefer to do all of the character art in TB just to reduce the amount of programs that I have to switch between. Also don’t have to worry about bitmaps looking shitty when you zoom in and out. And the TB color management is amazing.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. The interesting thing about rigging is that it’s all about problem solving. I think it’s good to start with a method that’s relatively straightforward, and as you build upon your knowledge you might decide to start throwing in some cool effects into your rig.

But generally, I think that’s one of the best methods. :slight_smile: But I would, I made the video!