Is this possible?

I have moved and rotated the camera in 3D space.

I want my drawing/my layer to be exactly IN the camera frame, Exactly where the camera is aiming at. (where that rectangle stands),

But every time i create a new layer, and draw on it in the stage view with ‘‘Look at selected’’, i see that that layer is placed at its default position in the 3D space, not where the camera is aiming at…

I have tried to select the layer alignment ‘‘pin to camera’’ so that it partly does what i want, ((i don’t want it to KEEP pinned to the camera as it moves)) and then change it back to ‘‘no alignment’’, but then it just pops back to its default position… :frowning:

So does anyone know if it is possible to transform a layer to the current camera position? Or to have the layers created at where the camera is aiming at in that moment?

if not, Toon Boom:
Feature request/Possible new features to serve this need

  • An ‘‘align to camera’’/’‘move to camera’’ button in the First Frame Transform tool.

  • Some way to draw in the camera view. for example: when you try to draw you get a message/question: ‘‘You can’t draw on this layer because it’s not aligned with the camera, do you wan’t to transform the layer to the camera’s position?’’ -cancel- -ok-

Hey mate,

You can draw in camera view as long as you select the layer and then choose ‘Layer>align layer to camera’, so that’s that problem solved.
As to your other issue, I’m not sure whether that might also solve that too? Or whether it just props the layer up to the same angle as the camera, without changing its coordinates.

Stupid of me that i’ve overlooked that!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not stupid mate, I got shown it on the weekend. I was thinking ’ this HAS to be a way to draw in camera view’.
And there is .