Is this possible to do in TBSv3?

Hi -

I’m planning a non figurative animation and wanted to provide some “tech” -style design work to set up the vibe / space in which the animation will occur in and through.

Just wondering do you think it’s possible to do something like THIS in Toon Boom Studio v.3?

Although the above example is generative and rechanges each time you load, I think it would still be possible to recreate a sequence like that in TBS3.

What do you think? If so, how would one go about doing it?



Please have a look here: Non-Narrative / “Carnatic Fusion”


wow, thanks. I guess it is possible.
Do you know who did that? I guess the next question would be “how’d they do that?” ???


Well, click the link at the end of the movie and ask the guy.


To be honest I never really got to the end of the video… until now. It looks like that email address is bouncing.