Is this forum half-dead?

  1. I have posted about 4 questions and 2 replies in the
    Support and Troubleshooting forum in about 2 weeks now. Zero answers. Actually I have checked that most threads stay unanswered, and I don’t see much activity there. Where can we get REAL help?

  2. I cannot find a way to find my own threads, like in any other standard forum in the world. There is no way to search by user either. Unless I am missing something…

It feels like the Toon Boom forum is not a really friendly community oriented place at all, like the TVPaint forum for instance… Or is it just me looking in a wrong direction?

Hear, hear!

The community is small but we have a few active users. There are at least 5 semi active very helpful users plus Lily (who doesn’t post that often but when she does answers everything unanswered).

I try to help out when I can, and make video tutorials. But I do have a very busy real work life too :slight_smile:

I encourage you to stay and try to help build the community.

Yeah…I’ve noticed some helpful answers throughout. I will certainly contribute when I have something useful to say, but I’m still very new to the software. And learning slowly as I, too, have a busy work life.

I’m excited about the software, though, so I’m not leaving anytime soon.

I would love to see if more busy :slight_smile:

I will try and post some pics of my gallery which was on display at phm last weekend which a lot of the art was done in harmony

Not a lot of folks can afford Toon Boom Product. But, it took me a few weeks to get my question answered. I came back to the forum today and was pleased to see someone had a fix for my issue.

But even if I come back after 2 or 3 weeks to search for an answer, it’s really frustrating, because there is no way I can find my own threads, and there is no notification in the email… :frowning:

Frankly speaking, from a software that costs over 1000$, I would expect to find a working forum.

There are many things that are hard to find in the tutorials and in the documentation…

Hi there, everyone!

I want to apologize for not being able to get on the forums as often as I’d like. Not only are things moving and shaking at Toon Boom, but there’s been a lot of travel on everyone’s schedules recently.

I’d like to remind the community that although Toon Boom tries to be present as much as possible on the forums, that this is a place where the community can interact with each other to get responses. If you do not get a response on a question from another member of the community, then please feel free to contact Toon Boom directly by emailing

This is always your direct line, and you will get a response from support within 24 hours, M-F.

We are continually striving to improve the forum platform, and you may notice that we’ve now enabled the ability to subscribe to a thread. Let’s keep moving forward to make the forums a better place!

Thanks everyone!


Lilly rocks!!!

Thanks! And I will do my best to keep an eye on the forums, I promise once my schedule eases up a bit I’ll be back on more often!


What are the chances of toon boom animate pro 2 being supported with the yiynova msp19u tablet?

Hi, KreedosF,
For now we only officially support Wacom tablet.
We got some issue reported from the forum that somebody encountered problems with this tablet.


any idea if this may change in the future? It’d be great to use this tablet with the software.



Support for the msp19u would be great. It’s a perfect affordable replacement for a Cintiq. I am planning on getting one as soon as I can.

Any update on support for the yiynova tablet? I am trying to use TBAP 2 on a macbook pro but no pressure sensitivity.

I have nothing to add, but felt left out as everyone seems to have posted in this post!

Although, in response to original post - some of us here do try to help, but it is often a bit random. I have mentioned previously that it would be useful to have a more ‘feature rich’ forum, even using something like PHPBB. So searching and keeping track of posts etc is easier, and may encourage more interaction.

Plus adding Kudos and recognition to posters is always a good motivator and encourages more interaction (nothing new in forums).

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