Is there tempo sync or not?

Really hoping I can get some help here.
I am trying out Animate Pro, and there is a feature called ‘Tempo Markers.’
I’m beginning to think the name of this feature is misleading.
What I am trying to do, is animate to a certain tempo (140 BPM). I want to make visuals happen on certain beats of my music, but I can’t for the life of me understand how to do this. I found the ‘Tempo Marker’ section of the manual to be too brief. I am not really understanding the ‘Tempo Markers Dialogue Box,’ tempo is read and understood in Beats Per Minute (BPM), I don’t understand how to enter information in to this box, and trying different numbers I don’t seem to get my cells to fall on the start of each beat anyway, as demonstrated in the image.
Is there a mathematical solution to this problem to do with frame per second? Doesn’t seem very likely if we are only dealing with whole numbers.
I really want to animate at 140 BPM, I really hope someone can help me achieve this!

If not in Toon Boom, is there another animation program that might be able to do this? What about Harmony, could that possibly do it? I take it harmony is incredibly expensive?

Thanks in advance for any input anyone can offer.



Generally your project would be set to either 24fps or 30fps. You multiply this number by 60 to arrive at the number of frames per minute.

For example… 24*60=1440 frames per minute which you then divide by your beats per minute to arrive at the number of frames per beat. To make the calculation simpler I will modify your BPM to 144 giving you 10 frames per beat.
You would therefore set the frames per beat to 10, leaving the beats per bar to your discretion. Remember that this is solely a visual queue in the Xsheet to arrange your animation timing.