is there any way to make the timeline bigger?

Is there a way to widen the display on the elements in the timeline? I obviously see the little zoom thing at the bottom of the timeline that stretches it horizontally; but is there a way to stretch it vertically, so that I can see the waveform more clearly? (right now the waveform just looks like little tiny blips! it’d be nice to make it big & fat so I could see it more clearly.)



You can click in the timeline and press X to zoom in and z to zoom out in the timeline. This will widen the size of the frames.



The best way to view the sound wave form in relation to frames is in the sound editor, but another approach is to view the sound in the exposure sheet while scrubbing the timeline.

To view the sound as a waveform pattern in the exposure sheet you need to select the context menu using the last icon at the top of your exposure sheet and select view thumbnails. The sound track will become visible. I typically move my x-sheet off to the side and scrub the timeline using the red frame indicator while watching the action in camera view , you will also notice that the frame indicator in the x-sheet tracks along as you scrub in the time line this gives you a much better view of the sound track.

One trick that I use to improve the sync between the x-sheet display and the timeline is to select the starting frame for the sound section in which I am interested on the x-sheet first and then I start scrubbing on the timeline because the red frame indicator will jump to the frame selected in the x-sheet but they normally sync up just fine. -JK

Thanks for your responses! Yeah, I think I knew about these other ways to view the wave form, although tearing off the exposure sheet is helpful so that I can see the thumbnails as I work–I just wish you could control the size of the sound wave form in the timeline like you can in final cut (where you can display the waveform stretched wider as well as longer)