Is there any way to flip from one drawing to the next ?

He there,

I just bought Harmony 12 and I used flipbook from Digicel from time-to-time…

I would like to flip my drawing, as you flip from keyframe in a 3D package (maya or whatever)

when I try to use F or G to flip between my drawing, it always goes to “the next frame” before going to the next drawing… I found this to be kind of annoying.

So if I have a drawing at frame 5 and 10, I’m at frame 5, press G it will go at frame 6, so I need to press letter G 2 times to go at frame 10.

Is there’s a way to just flip between drawing without interruption ?

The way to switch between drawings is the way you are using. F and G should switch between drawings. , and . switch between frames. I’m with 12.2 and it works normally and it worked this way on previous versions I used.

Luis Canau

Right click on the drawing in the timeline and go to Drawing, Mark Drawing As and select Keyframe (or breakdown or whatever you want.) Do the same on the next frame you want to flip between.
Now make sure you have the “Flip” toolbar open in the timeline area. If you don’t, go to Window, Toolbars, Flip.
Now if you select the “K” button on the flip toolbar, you will flip between only the key drawings with the F and G keys.
Hope that makes sense, check out the manual for a more detailed explanation :slight_smile: