Is there any way to export to vector image sequence other than TVG or swf?

I want to make games with unity + vector animation, but so far it has become almost impossible. Toon boom seems to only export image sequences as tvg or swf. The only method I have found so far: export to swf, decompile to fla open in flash get 3rd party svg squence export plugin that only works with the latest version of flash pro. This is stupid, I have to get flash pro just to get an vector image sequence I can use in unity.

I second this.

I’m also working on a Unity game and due to performance issues, we’re just about to use vectorized animations instead.
I already tried using Flash (which has been renamed to Animate CC) + the SVG export add-on in hope I could convert Toon Boom’s SWF to SVG frames.
But now after a little bit of testing I can say that this is definitely not going to be the way I work in the future.

I do love your software.
But how on earth can a nearly 2000$ highly professional, vector based (!) animation software not support SVG export.
SVG might be the most common vector format nowadays.

However, I still haven’t found a usable SWF to SVG converter for either Mac or PC.
I’d really appreciate some help. So if anyone knows a good and fast converter or something… please let me/us know.

i suggest you re-post this as a request in the (new) harmony feature request forum here. this is indeed an important feature for harmony to provide as it positions itself as more of a “new media” sort of tool for game/web export.

there will of course be many limitations to what can be exported as vector if you start getting into the node compositor or rasterizing effects, so there would need to be some sort of table of what is supported for vector output.

i personally prefer harmony for vector illustration purposes over illustrator for making things like screenprinting layers, and i just make sure to work at giant resolutions (600 dpi equivalent for 20x26 output is a giant canvas size!) and then export as psd with alpha to get around the lack of reliable vector output. it would be great to export as vector reliably and work at smaller resolutions.

Hi 10tacle,

hm, nevertheless, importing the Harmony generated SWF files to Flash/Animate and exporting them to SVG files seams to be a workaround doing the job.
May I ask what exactly made you take the decission not to work that way in the future, please?


Of course, I totally agree with you that it would be ways better to be able to export SVG files directely from Harmony. :slight_smile:

In my opinion it’s a huge detour to install Flash for only that one reason. I don’t use Flash but I installed the trial to see how it works. And I don’t like the fact that you need to open up a new document, import the animation to the stage and then it’s not even the correct scale (maybe my fault due to wrong settings?).
However, our game contains so many animations that this method would cost too much time.

That’s why I prefer doing it quick and automated via script. I found a script to convert AI to SVG with Illustrator, which I only needed to edit a little so it can convert PDF to SVG also. With this, you can batch convert all of your PDFs by choosing the source folder.
That’s btw the reason why I swapped over to PDF instead of SWF.

I can share it with you if you like.

But I was also wondering if there’s a chance to write such a script for Harmony. If I’m not wrong, you can add custom scripts to Harmony can’t you?

You are right it’s always a detour when you have to use another software to do the job, especially if you don’t use it otherwise.

Thank you for sharing your new workflow!!! It’s very straight forward.
I’m glad that I asked you that question. :slight_smile:
Exporting PDF sequences and then converting them to SVGs via yout script is a great idea. I definitively would be happy if you could share your script.

Yes, you can write scripts and add them to Harmony.
But, the problem is that scripts can ‘only’ acces already existing functions of the software and ‘mix them up’ in a new way.
What I want to say is that Harmony should be able to export SVG files by itself before one could use this option within a Harmony script. And in this case you wouldn’t need the script anymore. :slight_smile:


Navigate to Illustrator → Presets → Scripts and you’ll find the default Illustrator scripts. Paste it there.

Open up Illustrator and choose File → Scripts → PDFtoSVG from the menu bar.
Select the source folder where your PDF files are stored, leave *.pdf as is and hit OK.
It will save the SVG files in the same location.

Hope it fits your workflow, you’re welcome.


Thank you very much for sharing the script.

I downloaded it and I’ll test it very soon.