Is there any option to allow changes made to affect the previous keyframe...

… rather than automatically create new keyframes? This has caused me a remarkable amount of frustration. There are too many ways to accidently be one frame off when doing antics, settles, overshoots, and offsets while never noticing the frame indicator has been moved on the timeline.

For example: If there are poses on frame 1 and frame 10, and my frame indicator is on frame 4, I want my modifications to affect frame 1. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for the response Lilly,This doesn’t do the trick because sometimes the keyed changes are on a peg that’s multiple levels into the hierarchy. (comp → headcomp → bodycomp → armcomp → forearm → wrist → hand → fingers) for example.When animating, we’ll typically have the model collapsed in the timeline with the character’s comp peg selected and move something like a hand using the Select Child/Parent/Brother method. If only a certain sections are animated and realize later that the changes were off by a frame, the hunt begins for what frames were changed so it can be moved onto the proper frame.This especially sucks when fine-tuning and happens often due to the nature of tablets. (lifting off the item will sometimes cause the slider to be off unless you’ve really trained yourself to be careful of sliding the frame)Considering there’s almost always existing animation we’re working around, keying a whole set just to move it over once will displace the motions on the other objects that are already moving properly.

Yes well you can either copy and paste the keyframe in the timeline from frame 4 to frame 1, or you can select frame 4, then drag it on top of frame 1 and it will replace it.


Ahh okay I’m sorry I didn’t understand your question initially. I’m afraid that I don’t have a solution for you right now. Even if you work with stop-motion keyframes, if you make an adjustment halfway through, it will create a keyframe where you are. If you turn off the Animate button, then it’s going to affect all your keyframes, not just the previous one.

I can think about this one some more, but I don’t really have a solution for you right now.