is there any automatic way for motion tracking?? can i do motion tracking on a movie???what i’m trying to say is how can i stick my drawing on a special place on the movie and make it to move automatically with it.for example if i have a moving hand in a movie and it has a dot on the tip of its finger.i want to make my drawing move with that it is attached to it.
i have found this ability in the anime studio but is there anyway in TB to do this automatically or i have to do it by frame by frame?
imagine if you have a final 2d animation in the hand but it lacks lip will you sync the lips with the face.especialy when there is too much movement???

I don’t belive this feature is available.

but it has many usages for blending pixel and vector animations together.and it is will you animate your lips with your faces in a 2d animation???

you use targets that you draw.

Cartoon faces often have mouths that are nothing like real people so the data wouldn’t help that much.

It isn’t neccessary, but I can see why it could be attractive.

but.cartoon lips need to transform exactly with the face and for amateur traditional animations with too much movement it would be a pain too transform them with the face by hand.

They have an auto lipsync tool to help you with the process

the thing is that auto lip syncing tool is’s lips arent match in just one word.

It is just a guide you can go back and tweak it!