Is there an "Optimize Project" option in Harmony to help reduce file size?

Is there an option to “clear all unused drawings and elements” in Toon Boom like there is in Flash or After Effects? I find that moving Toon Boom files across hard drives or uploading backups on a cloud service can be such a drag…I know Storyboard Pro has an “optimize project” option so why not in Harmony?

While that’s being developed, any other pro tips on how to reduce file size in general?


MEL from Toon Boom here.

There is currently no option to “clear all unused drawings and elements” in Toon Boom Harmony.

However! What I personally do, is use the Drawing Substitution view to delete what I don’t need easily!

Additionally, we have a script to remove unused palettes and swatches:

To store your scene, what I recommend also is to :
(These are all manual tasks, but not really time consuming.)

  • DELETE what you have in your Frames folder. These are usually all your exports. You don’t necessarilly need them to back up your scene.

  • DELETE any old aniamtics in your scene file. importing aniamtics in Harmony (or any software) is heavy because it has a lot of large images files. They are important to work and do production with, but for storage? I would remove them from the scene file. You can do that by deleting you animatic file in your scene, or getting rid of the animatic layer’s folder in the Elements folder of your scene.

Hope this helps!


On his website, Yu Ueda provides a script called “ANM_Delete_Unexposed_Cels”:

It doesn’t remove unused drawing nodes.
But, it removes unused substitution drawings. :slight_smile:

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