Is there a way to view linked nodes in an x-sheet column?

Sometimes I need to go to my x-sheet and delete extra function columns created during production. Every so often, when I delete what I think is an unused column, I’ll get the following message: “You are about to delete a column linked to one or more nodes.”

In a small scene I don’t mind going layer by layer, checking the properties to see which function column they are linked to, but since I’m working in a huge scene with several characters, it’s a waste of time to look through them all.

Is there simple way to view these linked nodes? Thanks!

Hello Noelle,

At the present time, no such script exists. You can show only the function columns from the X-sheet by selecting the “Show Function Columns” button and deselecting all others. This should make your search easier!

I also invite you to submit your suggestion with a detailed description in the Feature Request board. You will find it in the following link:

Kind regards

Hey Genevieve,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion, that’s helpful. I’ll also consider posting in the Feature Requests board.