Is there a way to stop my characters arm collapsing around the deformation bone joint? Ello?

I am rigging my character with bone deformations. Everything is rigged correctly but when bend the the arm 180, so the hand is up to the shoulder say, the elbow kind of collapses and appears broken. Is there a way to correct that?

Okay thanks for your help.

Hi Stacey. Thanks for replying. I tried that but it did not work. Any ideas?

Hey Sean, could you provide us with some screenshots so that we can get a better idea of the situation? Thanks!

Thanks for your response. I have shown it in this video.

Hey Sean!

This kind of visual glitch is normal as the drawing gets pulled to a breaking point when folding at 180 degrees. Sometimes, the Open GL mode will have trouble assessing what the joint should be doing, but try having a look in Render Preview mode and see if this glitch still occurs. If so, coming up with a patch might be the best solution.

Thanks for the response

Yeah still happens in in render view. Was just confused because the available gaming rig ya website has on the learn section does not have this issue when rotating to the extreme angle. I do have experience using patches but how would I use them in this instance to resolve the glitch?


You could create a rounded spot for the elbow and have an auto-patch node attached to it to read above the problematic spot, this could help fix the issue.

Hey Drawn Sean

Try placing a AutoFold inside the Deformation group below the Bones.

Hope this helps.