Is there a way to send files and add them too an animation???

my friend and i are working on an animation together, but sending files dont work. they turn blank. is there a way too have us work on the project together and have it update? without it overwriting the files. (like i draw lip sync, and he cleans up the outline. he finishes and then sends me the file. i open it and the outline is clean but, all my lip sync is gone.)
is there a way so that he can send me what he did and then i can just add it to the animation???
i tried looking at how too make a server but i dont think im doing it right. if any one could help me that would be super awesome.
thank you

Are you working with the same version of Harmony? Are you sending the complete folder with all the scene structure? You should send or copy the scene folder with all files and subfolders, such as ‘audio’, ‘elements’, etc.

If you want to just update part of the scene instead or overwriting a previous scene maybe you can just sent templates. For instance you would save a layer of animation to the library as a template and sent it to your colleague, then he would add that template to his scene or vice-versa.

I’m not sure what your mean about making a server. If you want the Database/Server version of Harmony you have to contact Toon Boom. The standalone versions will not work in a database environment without making the complete install (not just Standalone) and without a valid database license.

You can still work with different computers over a network with shared folders to make it easy to copy files from one computer to the other.

Luis Canau

Hi, without going down the potentially expensive route of using a Server Workgroup version of TB, if you don’t already i would suggest using something Like Dropbox to store all your project work. You then both have access to the complete set of files. You have to accept however that only one of you can have a file open and be able to edit at anyone time, the complexity to be able to both work on the same file and edit bits is almost impossible. You are better off splitting your project down into ‘scenes’ so whilst you are lip syncing on one scene your colleague is working on another and so on…

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