Is there a way to select multiple layers/ frames when using the Colour Art layer?

I’m pretty new at Toon Boom Harmony, and I was wondering if this was possible. Right now I’m in the coloring process, so how I’m doing this is selecting the clean lineart on the lineart layer. But only on the specific frame I’m working on, and then making the switch to the Colour Art layer from Line Art layer.

This works great, but I feel that I would work faster if there was a way to select multiple frames and convert them to the Colour layer. That way I would be able to just focus on coloring the frames at a faster pace. Please let me know!! Thank you!

Hey ClauGM, Have you tried the “Apply to visible drawing layers” option?

Select the “Select Tool” (black arrow top left in default layout, or Alt+S with default hotkeys I believe)
once you have it seleted, go to the Tool properties tab, often located in the top right window.

Its a button that looks like 3 squares of paper and an arrow pointing down.

I haven’t used it a lot, but I know that you can use it to select across multiple frames. Though I think onion skin needs to be active for it to work?
Just a thought, hope you figure it out. :slight_smile:

Yes thank you so much! I was able to do this!