Is there a way to reload sound files that are missing their path?


I’ve having a this problem over and over, and don’t know how to solve it.

There are sound files I imported into Toon Boom Harmony to animate along with dialogues. Every time I reopen the project file, it would keep showing me a pop up message that it cannot find scene sound files.
I always keep those sound files in the same folder where I import them from.

Is there a way that I can reload the files like After Effect ?

I’ll attach a photo of a pop-up message here.

Thank you.

Could you check if that audio is in the /saved_scene_folder/audio/ and playable?
If the sound was not saved or found under that folder, could you tell me where the scene is saved? A local hard drive or via network or cloud?
Can you rename the original sound, for example, test1.wav and then put it on your desktop and then try to reimport the sound file again?
If the project is saved via a network or cloud, please try saving it on your local hard drive (your desktop for example) as a test and see if it can be reproducible.

When you import the sound, it will be stored under /saved_scene_folder/audio/. If the original sound file is not found, it was somehow removed or never saved after import for some reason. If the sound file is found then it could be either the file is corrupted or not accessible (playable) for some reason.

If any suggestion above does not give you an idea, please contact with the information above for further investigation.