Is there a way to reconnect files in SBpro?

I had my feature storyboard done in SBpro, last year, and then had to put it on an external drive. The movie is now again in preproduction phase, two days ago I purchased the licence and got the storyboard folder back on my computer. But now all the fields are blanc. I saw on the forums here that the reason for this is because I moved the folder.

All the folders and files inside the SBpro folder are the same, with same names, only the general path to the folder has changed. I don’t have any way to remember or find out where that folder was located last year, since I had a total reinstall of the computer.

In other softwares, when files are missing, there is a “reconnect file” option. Is there any way to find out the path that SBPro is looking for, so I can recreate it and (hopefully) reconnect all the files without having to click 4000 times? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Let me rephrase the question. Is there a way to find the path where SBPro is searching for the missing files, so that I can recreate it?
It’s pretty frustrating to have to spend 1 or 2 days on clicking just to reconnect all the files.