Is there a way to move an object to a certain coordinate in a scene

Let’s say I want to move an object to a certain coordinate or placement in a scene; does anyone know how I could do that?

I have a knotty situation.

I create 3d backgrounds in Maya and then import them into Toon Boom Harmony.

The finale for my ‘animated show’ has a talent show portion that takes place on a stage. I would love to change the lighting in the 3d object (the stage) several times to mimic concert lighting. I can do that in Maya pretty simply by changing the color/position of the lights and also add a spotlight …

My idea is to save several Talent Show maya binary files with the different lighting schemas, then just set them at different exposures. I.E

Talent show lighting #1 is 300 frames and consists of normal light
At 301st frame, Talent show lighting #2 has a spotlight for a character who is rapping about Mcdonalds. And so on.

I’m thinking I can cut it off at 300 for the first exposure and then start at 301 for the second exposure, etc.

What do you folks think?

How do I line the 3d backgrounds up perfectly as characters and objects created in Toon Boom are already placed in the scene. I’m assuming there’s a coordinate somewhere that shows approximate placement of an object in space, that I could just copy and paste into the coordinate of an imported object…but alas, I have yet to find it, so I am hopeful one of you very smart and helpful folks could give a dude a hand on this!

Thanks!!! Much love.

Hi Saintjon,

Yes you can replicate the exact same coordinate from one object to the next.
Display the Layer Properties view, you will see the coordinate, rotation, scale and, skew info in the Transformation tab.
As soon as you select your object/layer, the info will appear in the view.

Hope this helps!