Is there a way to make the current transformation the default and reset all values to 0?

I have a transformation where the layer has x/y/z coordinates, scaling, rotation and skews values that are not zero.
I would like to reset all values of the layer to be zero without moving or changing the layer (and the subsequent keyframes!).
In other words I want this particular transformation to be the default configuration.
Is there a way to do this?

If you move stuff in the X or Y axis in the drawing view, it will not affect the position info
in the Layer Properties. Use this with the Light Table (as a reference to other elements
for position or position using the grid).

Another idea is to use the layer properties of the element to move/rotate for their original
position and then to use the pegs attached to the element for the animation. The pegs
would therefore start at the default values.

I don’t know of a way to define default, only reset to default.

You might have to create fresh art referencing the transformation results you have frozen.