Is there a way to keyframe every 2nd step and preserve ease settings?

I’d like to collapse a bunch of layers and keyframe every second step without changing the ease. If there’s any way to fix this, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your time

Due to the nature of the animation, we can’t really leave a scene with tweens. They need to be broken down so they end up on 2s. It’d just be easier if there were times where we can use the tweens to get the motion we want, then key every second frame.I guess there’s no way to do this?

I can’t show an example because we’re using Harmony on a server and the work computer has limited access… I can record an example later at home to show the problem and describe what I mean using Flash to show the same process and effect I’m looking for since it seems it would be the same.

Here is a script that works for Harmony but it seems to work on AP2 also. It works best on movements (pegs or layer) made in Separate mode. The 3D path modes, if there is some ease in/out, can change a bit the positions.

Great script! Thanks, Steve!

Thanks for the effort Steve. The script still fails to preserve eases even in Separate mode. It’s certainly a bit more expedient for people who need to put the parent peg for a walkcycle or camera pan on 2s, but does not address the problem of losing eases upon conversion.I will do up a recording as mentioned soon.

If you did your ease with the function editor, then adding a keyframe always makes small adjustments due to the mathematics behind things. If you want to simply step the function, then you can step it in the function editor. Otherwise if you for sure need to add keyframes, then it’s always going to be just a little bit different.


A lot of studios do this, it’s simply minor variations. Are you seeing bit differences? Perhaps you could show an example?


That would be great!