Is there a way to export only individual drawings for a composite (and not all active frames) when rendering PNG Sequences?


I’m currently using Toonboom Harmony to export 2D animated effects for use in Spine software. This means I need to take the individual animated assets and place them in Spine to be manually animated for game optimization purposes. I’m using between 5-20 write nodes to export hundreds of frames as PNG4 sequences and then manually deleting duplicates.

The problem is that I still need to export things like a template image which is a large size base image underneath. Currently it’s rendering every frame and when I hit render without setting it up properly, I get to wait a minute or two for Harmony to actually cancel the huge render.

Thanks for your time!

(ps. Is there any way to make Harmony not render empty frames as blank pngs? Would rather have no export at all on those frames)