Is there a way to create comtrollers for swapping drawings based on conroller position?

I am wondering if there is already a feature i just may not know about that would allow me to achieve the following:

Say i have a head rig broken down into parts, eyes, pupils, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, head base and hair. Each peice has multiple drawing substitutions for looking to the left and right in 3 steps, front, 3 quarter and profile.

Now what i am hopeing to achieve is some sort of peg or controller that when i drag left or right it will automatically swap the drawings on all connected layers to the next view. Eventually i would like to add views for lookin up and down and to the diagonals, so with a single controller i can keyframe a face looking around in all diectons. Then with this i can use the deformers i added to each view to further change the face expression and where the eyes are looking etc…

Any direction or suggestions would be appreciated!

If i need to be clearer please ask i’d love to find a solution i can share with the community!

Closest to what you mean:

Pose Copier, or just make as many pre-made Action Templates as your heart desires.