Is there a way to convert bevel ends to round ends on drawn pencil lines?

I’m a noob in drawing with Harmony but I was wondering if there is a way to convert bevel ends on drawn lines to rounded ends? I’ve made a drawing and used the cutter tool to cut the ends of pencil lines. I did not realize I had the cutter tool properties set to a bevel end instead of a round end. Now all of my intersecting lines have a notch in the end caused by the bevel end. Note to self in the future, check to see that the cutter is set to round end but that still leaves me with a drawing that has lots of notches. If there is an easy way to select the ends and convert them to round ends it would make life simpler but I’m not seeing a way to do that.

Have you tried to select the lines with the select tool, then changing tools to pencil? You should be able to change the settings of the selected objects from the Tool Properties Window.

Ha! That worked. Thanks much. I’ll write that one down so I don’t forget.