Is there a way to animate a color so it disappears from time to time?

I want to make two lip-colors invisible at certain times in a lip-sync sequence.

Can I do that somehow via animation (in Animate Pro 3) - without messing with the lip-sync?

There are probably several ways to accomplish that. One is to create all of the mouth positions to be used in each color and assign an appropriate name. Then just reference them when the need arises.

I am not sure what you consider messing with the lip-synch. Have you already done the lip-synch portion of the animation and now are looking for a way to alter color using a mask perhaps? I am just thinking of this as having more mouth positions to choose from even if one or more are the same position but of a different color…figuring you have not done the artwork and animating yet.

I am making a transition from early morning to sunrise. I created background stages in Photoshop and plan to transition in smooth steps over time. This concept could be applied to many situations and the time span could range from gradual to immediate.

Here is a thread that touches upon this topic:

Thank you very much for your reply.

No, I haven’t done the lip-synch yet, though I have made the drawings.

The ideal way to achieve what I want would be to have two separate sets of mouth drawings: One set for the first part of the animation, and one set for the last.

But I’m going to auto-sync the drawings to one single audio-file, so I assume it will be mess if I have two separate sets of mouths (how would I tell the programme when to use which set?).

You can go in and tweak the lip-sync replacing drawings wherever the automatic assignment does not appear to look correct to your eye so you could replace any of the reference drawings with an alternate coloring reference throughout the dialogue as well.

Thank you again, I was just hoping for an automatic solution as I will have to replace quite a few drawings.

But then again, manual work can sometimes be faster than spending hours searching for an automated short-cut…