Is there a way to alter Overlay/Line/Color/Underlay Art at the same time?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi jRI am not sure what your question is about.If you want to see the different sublayers, go to drawing view.In the bottom left there is some icons/buttons that let you manoeuvre between the sublayers and which layer will show / not show. Just let the cursor rest above the button for a short while and it shows what it does.If you want to adjust something on both line and color art layer; with the Select Tool active, open the tool properties window, under Options the bottom right button let you work in both line and color art at the same time.Best regards-Ivar

Remember that you have to have the Preview Line and Color art at the same time to be able to use that option. Not all tools will let you do this modification.Select, cutter, perspective, eraser will let you but the contour editor doesn’t.In the latest Harmony you are able to use the Contour Editor also.

That contour editor change will be very useful. Thanks Steve! Is there any chance these might be applied to Overlay and Underlay in the future? The way we use it here, we end up linking all 4 drawing modes to objects like hands or metal for layering and highlights.

They are already, you just have to Preview them with the Line art and color art. If you press and hold the preview bottom you can choose to preview the Overlay and Underlay. When all 4 sub-layers are displayed the Apply to Line and Color art (really it should be called the visible layers) affects all of them.

Thanks Steve.I didn’t know that you could could actually add underlay and overlay to the editable layers, just thought you would add them to the view.That might be practical.-Ivar