Is there a way that I can...

copy a frame without making all the frames do the same thing?

Copy your drawing, move to the desired frame and go to Edit > Paste New Object. This new image will look just like your original, but any changes you make to it will not affect the original.


Hi, I’m just getting started on TBS & I’m having the same problem, but edit > paste new object isn’t working for me. What I’m trying to do is make a ball move across the screen. I:

- copied the cell
- went to the next cell
- pasted the cell
- moved the ball over using the select tool

but then when I went to scrub through my animation, the object stayed in the same place! All I want to do is reposition my object in the next frame and have it stay there so it looks like the ball is moving when you play the animation.

I believe that you are confusing frames and cells. A frame is a specific position on your timeline. A cell is a drawing. There is only one occurrence of a specific frame. IE. There is only one frame number 5. But a cell can be used many times repeatedly by assigning it to be exposed at multiple frame locations. When you copy a cell and paste it to a new frame location, you aren’t creating a new cell you are just assigning the same cell to a new exposure, that new frame location. You are reusing the same cell on a different frame from the one on which you copied the cell. If you want to duplicate a cell you need to use the Duplicate Drawing command.

If you want to have a unique instance of a cell you don’t copy and paste the cell you duplicate the cell.

The easiest way to duplicate a cell is as follows.
(1) select the cell you want to duplicate in the exposure sheet or in the timeline.
(2) right click to open the context menu.
(3) select the “add exposure” command (keyboard short cut R)
(4) move to the frame where the added exposure was created and select the new exposure of your original cell.
(5) right click to open the context menu.
(6) select the “duplicate drawing” command.
You now have an exact uniquely named duplicate of your original cell.

A different type of cell duplication:
If you select a cell in element “A” and you drag it to a frame position in a new element “B” on your exposure sheet (or timeline) the cell will be renamed to fit the naming order for element “B” and it will no longer be assigned to the frame it occupied in element “A”, but the originally named version of the cell still exists in element “A”, it just no longer has a current frame assignment. So it appears to disappear. You see a cell is a drawing and it exists in the element where it was created even if it is no longer assigned a time sequence frame position for that element.

If you select a frame for element “A” and you go to the “cells” panel and type in the number for the “missing” cell, it will be there and will be reassigned to that frame in addition to being a unique cell in element “B”.

Because the same cell is part of two separate elements it has two unique names and therefore each instance of that cell is unique and separate from the instance in the other element. Effectively you duplicated the cell in a different element by dragging the cell from one element to another element. I hope this clears things up a little. -JK

Ohh… okay, I think I understand a little better now. I think I was getting confused in the timeline because you can’t see the drawings with their different numbers like you can in the exposure sheet. Thank you so much for your explanation; that was great!

Is there a way that I can have an entire scene seem to vibrate constantly? The example I had is mind was an animation of someone riding in a car and having the entire scene have a slight vibration.
Thank you.


This forum seems very helpful, but as a new Toon Boom user I’m still quite confused about this topic.

I’ve got to step four of this with no problems but when I click to open the context menu (step five) I have no option to “duplicate drawing”. I’ve been trying this for hours and hours and I’ve read and re-read your post but still can’t get my ‘plane.png’ image to appear in different places in different frames. I’d love some help with this. I can duplicate the element but this seems untenable for making a whole animation, I don’t know how to duplicate the cell.

Please help!!


In fact, I can see the duplicate drawing command, but it has no effect, the plane still appears in the same location in all frames!

Thank you in advance.