Is there a transcript?

Is there a transcript for the Toon boom animate pro tutorials?

I am having to listen to the videos and type out everything. It is really time consuming and not productive.

I need to be able to go back, search for a certain part / thing that was mentioned somewhere and then, look that up instead of having to remember the whole set of videos or trying to find something again, in the videos.

A transcript would be ideal.

Could I get an answer to this please?

Far as I know there is no Transcript or Printed copy of the User guide for any of Toonboom’s products. You can always print one out yourself at Fedex Kinkos.

Also, I have a a question or request for you…

In every single post you have written you write
“Could I get an answer to this please?”

I don’t know about everyone else but to me that is pretty annoying, I’m sure you will get a reply eventually, but asking that question on ALL of your posts is, like I said, annoying … Just saying.

I agree with you on that, Alex!

Thank you for the answers and sorry about the followup post asking for an answer. It’s just that I was not getting any answers even after several days and the thread had gone down. So, I just wanted people to know that I was still monitoring the thread and looking for answers.