Is there a thread for sharing brushes?

Does the Toon Boom community have a way to share brushes?


Realistically, people do not use this forum for conversations. They generally have one concern and more than half the time if they ever return for answers they don’t acknowledge it.

The forum software does not display threads like other forum software and if you were to start one it would be out of sight as soon as it was pushed to page 2.

People rarely use Search, it is not even included anywhere except the very top of the hierarchy. If you get here via Google you will be taken to a thread or post and bypass the top of the hierarchy. To most people there is no search function here.

All in all this forum is not set up to maintain a community of users. If anything, Toon Boom has selectively changed things so the forum does less to encourage people to come here regularly to interact with other users.

Totally agree. This forum software is dreadful, and actually discourages communication between forum members.