Is there a solution for lag with wacom tablets?

I’ve just upgraded to Harmony, in order to use it with a Mac system (Mac Mini, i5, 8GB RAM), but I get a really terrible lag when using the software with a “Wacom Intuos Pen Small” tablet. With the mouse everything is fine, but with the pencil (what I really need) is almost unusable. How can I solve this? I have everything updated.

Support will be able to help you identify the exact problem however I can tell you are at the very bottom of minimum requirements with a Mac Mini.

What year is you Mini?

Replace the main drive with a SSD.

You can turn off anitialiasing in Preferences which might help.

Keep the project files small by breaking up your projects into the smallest segments then piece them together later in a separate video editor.

Avoid using elaborate rigging.

Mac Mini is little old, but the processor is an i5, with 8GB Ram, is not a bad machine; yes the Mac Mini has a poor video card, but I can use the pen in every software, including photoshop. So, the drawing by the videocard is not the problem, because the lag doesn’t exist with the mouse.

However, I’ve just discovered a workaround that can help the developers to identify the problem, and I’m sure it going to help the people with the same problem:
If you are using the wacom pen, and you use the toolbar to select the brush you’ll note a really big lag when drawing. BUT, if you don’t use the toolbar and instead you use the pen right button to select your tool (for example: Right Button->“Drawing tools”->“Brush”), then THERE IS NO LAG! Is really weird, but is great to know that I actually can work with the wacom.

So, to the developers: if you heard about this problem with wacom/macosx el capitan/mac mini, then you should check why there is a lag using the pen when you select the brush from the toolbar… and why the wacom pencil works really good when you select the tool through the popup menu (right button).

I’m really happy to have found this workaround, and I’m pretty sure its going to help not only to other macmini users, but also to the developers to find the problem.

Not sure whether you understood the question. With Macs knowing the year you can research the configuration of hardware.

People make the mistake of thinking if they can do something in Photoshop or Maya or whatever other software they should be able to do everything in Harmony. That doesn’t guarantee anything really. I can run Photoshop without any problems on machines that won’t even let me open Harmony.

There is no pressure sensitivity with a mouse so it is going to run more streamlined than with a tablet pen.

Well there is the way to do it.

Happy Animating.

That solution is quite peculiar, but if it works, it works.

Note the system requirement for Harmony:

As you can see, i5 and 8GB ram is “average”, which for most things should be OK, so if you don’t have a reasonable graphics card you’ll get lower performance on heavier projects.

Luis Canau

Just for reference when anyone pulls this thread up in the future:

Being unspecified as “older” it is less than the 3GHz minimum recommended requirement for average performance.

The strongest 2014 was 2.6GHz with an “integrated” Intel Iris 5100 graphics processor that shared system memory…

The strongest 2011 was 2.5GHz with AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics and 256 MB of dedicated GDDR5 memory.