Is there a sample project anywhere where I can download and use to learn ...

Is there a sample project anywhere where I can download and use to learn SB Pro? I could understand this a lot faster if I had a sample, anyone will do for a short or commercial or whatever. Thx!
Ps. I am assuming the drawing controls work the same as in TB Studio yes? Thx again for your help.

There are some templates that are available off the e-Learning section of the website that might be of some use to you. could also check out the tutorials:

thx lillyV, i took the day off to learn the tool, and have it down now.I did run through the tuts, and looked at the templates. But for me, seeing a full blown complete storyboard on the screen would have explained it all in a few minutes. I have the following comments about this cool but in true toon boon tradition, non-intuitive product: * voice annotations can’t be used as voiceovers in the soundtrack? huh. had to fire up another util to get some rough VO in. * the ADOBE import for library does not work, one would expect to be able to bring in PSDs there. Managed to get a PSD in using some other option, pixel?* The implemention of Panels is just confusing. And where is a Scene break? So the boards do not match up perfectly with script software like Final Draft, which divides the script into scenes and shots. * The import of Final Draft 7.13 does not work. But got the script in by exporting text (non-formatted). With all that said, I will be using this tool to layout boards and animatics from now on, even with the cluges:) Thx for listening,jigs

Thanks for your input, Jigs. I will pass on your comments and we will investigate the issues you mentioned. -this is an excellent feature request that I will pass along-Can you tell me what process you were using to import PSDs? I just confirmed here my ability to do so. I right-clicked on the Templates folder in the library, then I selected a PSD file. When I dragged the created template into my scene, it asked whether I wanted to preserve the layers or not. At which point were you unsuccessful?-The idea behind panels was that it would be one shot per panel, then x number of panels per scene. If you define a shot as a panel, you should be able to use Final Draft.-Final Draft 7 with Tagger should work, and we have confirmed that people have been able to use this feature. Final Draft 8 with Tagger 2 is not yet supported, however. ~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks, I see it now on the opening screen.

PS Why does TBS quit when I close the project window?