Is there a reason TBS and DP arent compatible?

Hello, Im a big fan of ToonBoom studio, but there are a few features in Digital Pro that I enjoy as well. I always wondered why the ToonBoom products arent compatible with each other? Is there a specific reason why one cannot open toonboom studio files in another package thats nearly identical and made by the same company. Importing swf’s is ok, but not the best answer for important multilayers animation. Is there a reason why they arent compatible, and also will there be any future plans to make these products compatible in the near future perhaps?


The main reason behind that is there they originally were 2 completely different software. Digital Pro is based on Harmony which takes it’s root all the way back to USAnimation/TicTacToon. Basically even though it does not share the database the structure of the file is pretty similar. On the other hand Toon Boom Studio has been developed as a full stand alone application which had no links to the higher end software.

In any case we are currently working on standardizing the file and hopefully in future versions the files will be upward compatible from Toon Boom Studio to Digital Pro.

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Thats great news! I think u guys can pull it off. I mean you were able to make a toonboom studio importer for flash so Im sure you can figure out one for own products. Im really happy to hear you guys are working hard on these improvements : ) Cant wait