is there a pref for drawing on 2's?

i seem to remember somewhere that there’s a way to default to drawing on 2’s, so the timeline frame marker advances 2 frames instead of 1 by default? (while keeping the scene at 24 or 30 fps rather that setting the scene at 12 and exporting at 12).
(i know there’s a few ways to put motion keyframes on 2’s after they’ve been in-betweened on 1’s, with either the buttons for ‘create steps on’, or the ‘create keyframes on’ but in this case i’m interested in every DRAWING being auto-exposed for 2 frames, while drawing.)


I don’t know of one off hand. I usually just hotkey over 2 and start drawing.

In a pinch you could set your playback to 12fps. That way you can work on 1’s until you’re done, then change the exposure to 2’s.