Is there a good Toon Boom Studio forum?

This forum does not appear to be visited by many people. In fact, I would say it is deader than dead. I wonder why that is?

I would think that a lot of people would want to exchange ideas on how to do things in a place like this, but instead… crickets.

Is it because most people just get a trial version and then drop off? So, for that reason, experienced Studio users don’t bother?

Okay maybe, but then why very few comments on the cartoons that non professional users put up on this Web site?

I would think that Studio would have a vibrant community of users, but I cant find it anywhere.

Plus I found that most of the Youtube tutorials on Studio for beginners are both sporadic and fairly atrocious.

I dont think I should have to pay $99 dollars to learn how to use a product! So I am going through the User Guide, and putting togethjer my first cartoon, and posting some my impressions on

Anyway, if anyone knows of a real forum for Studio users, please reply with a link to it.


El Awrence

I recommend which runs ads from ToonBoom, but I don’t think they are connected.

They have forums for Studio, Storyboard, Animate and the other TB products.

They also have a section with tutorials, some you probably have seen already.

( If I find out they are connected to TB, I will withdraw my recommendation)

I even went as far as buying the “official” tutorial video. If it was a “cooking tutorial” it would be - “so here’s a cooker. You put your food here to be cooked. This is the fridge. Some of the food ingredients can be stored here. (In a later tutorial we’ll show you how you can store some of the cooked food in the fridge for further use)…”. I could go on. A lot of the online “tutorials” seem to be about how to draw a squiggle, or bounce a ball…I’d like a “how to animate your four act script” tutorial.

well if it is any consolation, I am trying to keep track in a blog called

… of my progress learning Studio.

I have a really simple script that I keep changing in my head (rather than the 4-part opus you have in mind!), but it does involve some really interesting challenges about how to maintain the correct visual perspective of a rotating object falling down a building.

So in my latest entry I show and very rough example of what a first pass looks like with the very short opening “scene” when you combine outside bitmap objects (that are seriously manipulated using Gimp) and the cartoon drawing facility inside of Studio.

I get into some key things that I encountered when first trying to draw and combine something really simple and output an under 5 second vid, jsut to see if Vimeo would use this output.

I would say the User Guide is good in parts, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of many of the things it leaves out. I absolutely could not believe how it did not discuss the problems you encounter when importing objects and coverting them to vectors.

I also document output problems with the create movie option, including Errom Messages that pop up which are undocumented.

Anyway, I am just learning Studio, and havent really tried drawing cartoons before, althout I do fine doodling or using Gimp to fix things up professionally.

Being an ex programmer, I do take a somewhat systemic view in my analysis of this prodcut. But it doesnt take a programmer to recoil at the hack job that’s the Library!