Is there a good (fluid) way to rig a straight line?

I would like to create a more fluid movement with a characters arms, legs and tail. Currently I can cut apart an arm into segments like an upper arm, lower arm, and a hand and create a rig from there. However it’s a very rigid bone system that only moves at the pivot points.

Is there a rig (or something else) that I could use to animate something like a tail where I can draw a curly line and have the tail twist however I pull it?

Something similar to how the characters arms in Adventure Time become all noodly / wavey when they get really long, instead of feeling chopped up into joints.

The only idea I have right now is to cut the tail into about 100 segments, but that seems overly complicated.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Oh and I’m using Animate 3, if that makes a difference.

Curve deform in harmony would do exactly what you want but because you’re using Animate 3 you’d need to animate it frame by frame to get the effect you’re after. I’m pretty sure that’s how Adventure Time does it, frame by frame.

Indeed, Curve Deformers in Harmony are made for precisely that purpose. :slight_smile: