Is there a "batch import" to image command?

Hi.Using TBS Express V2.5. I"m baffled over this one. Would like to import a group of images at once into an image element (like an image sequence group for rotoscoping. etc.). I can"t find any “batch import” command or “select all” command. I have the image sequence stills in a folder on my desktop. I control click on an image element to open the menu but all I see is an “import images” command…no batch import and if I click on import images…a regular import window opens…if I select the folder…the "open button is greyed out and if I select image #1 in the folder…the rest of the seqence is not imported leaving me to import them one at a time. I assume there must be a way to import the whole sequence but cant find any info on this in the FAQ or “online help”. Thanks for any advice.

Hi there,

Us the exposure sheet to import a sequence of images in an image element.

You can import multiple files in the library too but you won’t be able to drag them all from the library to a image element at the same time. You have to take them one by one. Import directly in an image element in the exposure sheet.

Just drag your mouse to select more them one file or use the shift key or crt key.

Toon Boom Studio will import them in alphabetical order.


Thanks for replying. …unfortunately …still unable to “select all” the images. Hoping I’m just missing some small step in this procedure. Will try to explain exactly what I’m doing. (Note:using a mac).With Toonboom open in the “drawing mode” I add an image element in the exposure sheet. I then contol click on the 1st cell and choose “import images” from the menu. A new import window appears.In the"from" menu on the import window I choose desktop where I have a folder containing the image sequence files produced by Quicktime converting a short videoclip to images (for example…6 images labeled 1 to 6). On the left side of the import window I choose the folder containing the images…on the right side of the import window my 6 image files appear labeled 1 to 6 (at this point the “open button” in the right lower corner of the import window is still “greyed out”.) Within the list of image files on the right side… I click and drag downward from the 1st image to the 6th attempting to select them all. At this point one of two things happen…either only the 1st image in the list becomes highlighted (selected) or no images in the list become highlighted. If I click on the"open" button in the bottom right corner when only the 1st image is highlighted…then only the 1st image is imported leaving me to import the rest one at a time. I dont seem to be able to click and drag to highlight (select) them all. If I try the other method you suggested…using the shift button…heres what happens…while holding the shift key down I click on the 1st image file. Only the 1st file becomes highlighted. If I keep the shift key down and click on the 2nd image in the sequence it will also become highlighted along with the 1st making me click on all 6 image files in the list to highlight them all where I can then import all 6 by pressing the open button. This method is OK for small no.s of image sequence files but very time consuming for 100’s or 1000’s. Still dont understand why clicking and dragging on all 6 files in the list wont highlight all 6 to allow me to import them all at once? What am I doing wrong? (Note: tried labeling the images both numerically and alphabetically but neither worked)

Hi There,

The drag method doesn’t seems to work in the open dialog box but this should not be a problem.

The way to use the shift key is to select the first and last object in the list. Select frame 1 first, then scroll down to frame 6 and hold the shift key. Select frame 6 and all the frames in between will be selected.

Now the Apple or “command” key will select multiple files one at the time like you described, even if there are valid frames in between.

You should only click 3 times to import X amount of images.

This is the default behavior on Mac OS X. You can do that on every Finder window or open dialog box on Mac.

Hope that makes sense.

Let me know if it doens’t works !

Thanks again. That shift key method is what I needed to know.