Is the network view toolbar buggy?

Ok so I’ve been cursing the network view ALOT today. In Animate Pro 2 I always had the network view toolbar open so I could organise my network quickly. Since upgrading to Animate Pro 3 the toolbar seems to come and go as it pleases even though I have customised the window and said, “Yes please, put the toolbar up the top there”. When I close the network view and reopen it the toolbar is gone and I don’t have the option of network view under Windows>Toolbars to reopen it.

Is this happening to anyone else working in AP3? Could it be a bug or am I overtired and overlooking something reeeeeally simple.

Have you tried to save your workspace before closing the application?
In case your default setting for ‘automatically save workspace’ is turned off, you need to try save your workspace (including toolbar options) before exit the application.
I wonder if this is the issue.