Is the 13" Retina MacBook Pro with i5 processor adequate?

Wondering if the 15" with the Iris Pro graphics and the i7 processor is worth the extra $700. Storyboard Pro v4 will be about the only thing I’ll be using it for. Paired with a Cintiq 13HD. Not interested in PC alternatives, thanks.

Why would you get a macbook which is portable and use it mainly with cintiq which is not? Remember that laptop graphic cards are not very powerful and that you will be splitting the resources of the card between two displays.

If as you say Storyboard Pro is about the only thing that you’ll be using it for - get a desktop system with a better graphic card than the Iris Pro.

The processor is of lesser importance than the graphics.

… I’m really only interested in opinions about how well v4 runs on the base level MacBook Pro. I’d been using v1.5 on a 2008 15" MacBook Pro for a long time and it performed really well with my 20" Cintiq . I found that drawing got sluggish when I finally switched to v2 this year, so I’m looking to upgrade everything.

…also, I recommend using a laptop because it saves buying a second monitor and the battery serves as a backup power supply, meaning you don’t lose unsaved work in a power outage and you can soldier on with a Bamboo if you need to.