Is TB Animate Vector Based?

I used to use TB Studio, and upon zooming into a drawing it was clear that Studio was vector based. I recently purchased TB Animate, and have noticed that when I zoom into a drawing its pixelated. Why? Did I just purchase a non-vector program? Is there anyway to make it look like Studio?

When I export from Animate, it looks vectorized though. Any clarity would be appreciated? I’d be crushed if Animate wasn’t vector based like TB Studio. :frowning:

…I think you shoulg go to; edit-preferences-openGL-real time antialiasing-enable

Thank you! You were right on the button. For some reason my “Render at this Factor Times the Screen Resolution” was set to 1 and “Tile Size” was set to 64. I have since increased the both and it looks vectorized.

What do you recommend setting these two settings at?

I don’t know, haven’t try it yet


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