Is Storyboard Pro v4.2 compatible with v4.1

And are versions that differ by decimal compatible in general?
The place I work has 4.1 and the closest I can find to purchase online is 4.2. My aim is to be able to work from home on weekends/nights and bring a file to work that will open. Wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be wasting money on 4.2.


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Generally, the more recent version of software should open earlier version files as long as there were no major revisions…atypical of incremental updaters as opposed to full upgrades.

4.2 would open 4.1 files.

What you cannot do is the reverse, open new version files in preexisting versions…there may be exceptions if the revision was incidental enough.

If you open a 4.1 file in 4.2, make changes and save the work that file will not likely open in 4.1.