Is Paypal not a payment option anymore?

I’ve been wanting to purchase Harmony for a few days now, unfortunately the site says that it is unable to process my card information. The Knowledge Center says that the site accepts Paypal, but there is no option to do so at Checkout. I contacted Toon Boom support and they were not of much help :frowning: I even made sure that my credit card company was not rejecting the transaction due to the fact that I am making an international purchase.
The only alternative, it seems, is by check. However that would be quite an inefficient method of payment for me.

If you spoke with Toon Boom directly I’d expect you to know PayPal is only available as a payment option when you are purchasing a perpetual license. Support may not have had the whole picture laid out so they could connect the dots. You should have spoken with a sales rep.

If you are subscribing monthly or yearly it must be either Visa or MasterCard.

Is your card a regular credit card or is it a debit card? I do not see a distinction mentioned on Toon Boom’s website in the cart but there could be a restriction on debit cards as many retailers do not permit debit card transactions. However, some do as long as the card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol on it. But this debit card idea could be moot.

An alternative to consider for the subscription is funding a cash card that has the Visa/MasterCard symbol (a prepaid credit card). It is the quickest way to produce an alternative credit card without having to apply and be approved. The catch is that you have to have money to pay into it in advance. This amount acts as your credit limit on the card. A card like this might work. Definitely describe this to Toon Boom Sales and see what they say before taking any action on this path.

If you use a check, pay several months in advance to lessen the hassle of writing, mailing and waiting for the processing and clearing of checks. Toon Boom may only have two choices, monthly or annually, so they will not be interested in the extra work keeping track of payments that do not fit this model. In that case save and make a single year’s payment. It will cost less than if you paid each month.

Another alternative is to buy a perpetual license instead of a subscription. I realize the initial investment is quite substantial however once over that hurdle it is a relatively small investment of money to keep current on versions.

in gambling this is the best way to pay

Will PayPay work when upgrading your perpetual License from Advanced to Premium I have the perpetual License For Toon Boom Harmony Advanced back in 2018

Contact Toon Boom sales.