Is it really necessary?

Hello there,

I will try to explain my problem here in the best way possible.

I’m doing my final major project which I decided to do a animated promo.
Since I’m starting with Toon Boom Animate pro right now, I decided to take a look on a bunch of tutorials to see the differences that it has from the software that I’m used to, Flash.

I was looking on this one when I noticed that Toon Boom Animate Pro has the scripting object.

My question is, do I really need to put the script on the project or could I just do a script on Word and then just try to follow the script by it without including it on Toon Boom?

I don’t have enough time to be playing around with the scripts on Toon Boom since they are programmed.

Thanks everyone xP

What script are you talking about? These videos are for doing a rigging of a character.

after 13 minutes of the video, she will start to talk about scripts.

I think she means Scripting as in code. C# or whatever the Toon Boom equivalent is.

I think she means Scripting as in code. C# or whatever the Toon Boom equivalent is.

uhm, I was not sure of it, I though it would be better to ask.

Thank you xP

Sorry but i still don’t know which video you are talking about. I looked at the first and the Rigging one at 13 min but there is no mention of script.

You are talking of Word, so are talking of the script as a text of what is happening in the movie? Or are you referring to script as writing some code like in Flash to do operations in the web page or swf file?

By the way the scripting in Animate is only to create some actions to speed up the operations in the software. For example you choose a bunch of layers and want to change the pivot properties on all of them in one shot. It is not to create some button or action in the output swf or Quicktime.

So most people will not create new scripts. It’s for those that know a bit of scripting or that want to automate some part of the workflow.

uhm, its the same video xD. Yes the script it looks like Flash actionscript. When I saw the video I was wondering if it was like a real script where by using code you could have advantages.

But thank you for the answer ^^. I will try to take a look to all the tutorials and then work on my animation.

yea, uhm. There are 12 videos on that page and I looked at 9.10 Rigging at around 13 min but don’t see the scripting interface. Oh well if you have you answer then it’s fine but I was just curious why I don’t see the same thing as you.

Now that I took the print, I noticed that the menus are quite similar to actionscript xD

but here it is

I was so obecessed on doing the script for the work that I completly forgot that the actionscripts exists has well.

I didn’t want to use any scripts, since I don’t have time for it. I will just need the more basic ones. Probably just the similar to the stop(); in Flash.

As I mentioned the scripting is made to create new tools or actions that you would have to manually do otherwise. Like creating a new layer and naming it something, or setting a property in a module/layer, grouping something, etc.

It is not to do things like in Flash, for example stop() the movie playing , or goto such a frame, etc.

The interface that you see in the video are tools or script already in the software that you can use by showing the button in the toolbar as she explained.

You can continue looking at the videos because they are made without using special custom scripts or tools. They will not talk about the creation of custom scripting. As I said scripting is for more advance users.

Uhm I see.

Thank you for all the help xD.

Since I can continue my animation without using scripts it will be more easy. xP

I was actually thinking at the time to change to Toon Boom Animate instead of the pro, but I don’t know the differences between them.

Since I’m just going to do a 30 minute promo, using animation, music and lipsync if I can skip the script is better than doing it in Flash, for more experience that I have there, there are many limitations there xP

Exactly, you don’t need to touch scripting at all here. Think of the scripting in Animate more like the Actions in Photoshop. It just lets you, say, set parameters on a drawing layer with the click of a button instead of having to go into the layer properties and adjust them. Any kind of tedious or repetitive task. But it’s not necessary to do this for your workflow.

You might want to take advantage of some of the existing scripts, but even those you don’t have to use if you’re not comfortable.