is it possible??

is there a way to join two layers…for example i have a moving object on one layer which is directly behind another moving object on another layer…

i’m doing a moving rabbit wit lip-sync lips…so far i have it on 2 separate layers…

i’m wondering while the rabbit moves using the transform tool…if the lip sync lips on the above layer will stay onto the position i place it and move as well to the audio???

is it possible??..if so do explain…explain as if i’m a noob…lol

Most certainly is. Drag the lip sync layer onto your other layer and it will become a child and will follow it around.

you said drag onto…you mean like it will collapse or flatten onto the other layer??

no they will stay seperate but it will create a child parent relationship, where the child follows the parent around.

You do in the area which has all your layers listed

In the timeline, select the layer you want to make a child. Then click and drag it so that it looks like you’re going to drop it directly on top of the layer that you want to be the parent. You’ll see that it will indent and follow any transformations that have been applied to the parent.