Is it possible to write a script to reset my keys to default and them rebind them to my preferred keys?

I am having a frustrating problem where Harmony forgets a large amount of my key binds every time I shutdown the program. Every time I start Harmony I have to reset them to default and rebind them all manually in order to get them to register again. This is extremely annoying.

I would love if there were a script that allowed me to press a button to reset the keys to default and then another button to rebind all of my preferred keys. This would save me a lot of time and would be a good work around for the Harmony key bug that seems to be pretty common.

Is this possible?


Sounds like Harmony isn’t able to write and/or read the file storing the customized keyboard shortcuts.

Maybe this could be due to restricted permissions.
Are you running your computer in a user account having Administator permissions?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I am the administrator. Could it be something to do with the file path being too long. I’ve had error copying files from one drive to another because of the length of filenames and their file path combined.

Out of curiosity what Version and Build of Harmony are you using? Under Help and About in the main menu(WIN), under Harmony then About in macOS. OS would be nice to know also.

I am on Version 21.0.1 (17727) (2021-11-17 10:57:58). Although I have this problem to varying degrees with Harmony 17 and 20 as well. It has gotten progressively worse over time, forgetting more and more keys.

You should try updating Harmony 21 to the latest build 21.1, build Or if you can look at upgrading to Harmony 22.

Is there an easy way to update other than just downloading the latest version from the site? I have 22 downloaded but haven’t installed it yet because I’m in the middle of a project and will have to set up my workspace/keys/library again and I’d rather not midway through. Also this problem has persisted through three separate versions of Harmony. 17, 20 and 21, so I doubt a new version will fix the problem.

Edit: a word

The only way to download is from your Toon Boom account. Harmony 21 builds 21.0.3 and 21.1 both have this fix Loading a keyboard shortcut set makes default shortcuts stop working, HAR-8025. This might help you out with your issue.

In the end do whats best you, you can always update or upgrade once you finish your project.

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