Is it possible to transfer a project to the Library using Harmony Advanced?

Hi everyone,
I am a high school teacher and coming up on a new school year. In the past I’ve used Harmony Premium but I’m wondering if I could get away with using Harmony Advanced and its monthly subscription with my students.

Is it possible to transfer a project to another one via the Library using Harmony Advanced? I used to transfer by creating and copying a node to the Library in Premium but Advanced doesn’t seem to have a node view option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks much!

As far as I know you can open in Advanced stuff made in Premium but you can’t edit some things since you don’t have access to the node view and some features.

If you’re asking about compatibility between Advanced and Premium, as scardario said, if you open in Advanced your project created in Premium you’ll get a warning with a list of features that will not be available. You will not be able to control whatever effect you created on Premium, but you can work on the project with the features available in Advanced. If you work in traditional animation, the features are probably all the same. In cut-out, you’ll miss some advanced features. If you can live with it, OK, if not, you can still, for instance, have a single Premium license to work in advanced rigging * and compositing, while the Advanced licenses would be mostly dedicated to animation. (* It’s possible to animate in Advanced curves and envelopes made in Premium, at least in the current versions of Harmony, I’m assuming that’s by design).

If you’re asking about the way the Library works, it’s the same, but since you don’t have the Node view, you’ll have to do the same via the Timeline: you’ll drag whole layers from the left side of the timeline or drawings/frames from the right side, then drag them back to new scenes to the left or right sides according if you want to make a new layer or add drawings/frames to existing layers.

Luis Canau

Thanks so much for responding scardario and lcanau!

It’s funny but the way I learned to transfer a project/animation is only through node process. So all this time I never knew this simpler way of dragging the layers into the Library! My kids learned to do it the node way but I always wondered why it was so laborious to get one animation over to another project!

Thanks again folks, you are literally a life-saver!
Mahalo from Hawaii,