Is it possible to synchronise Camera view and Drawing view?

Hi there,

This seems like a basic question but is it possible to synchronise the camera and drawing views?

While going through a scene in the camera view and you’re zoomed in on something, you may need to edit part of a drawing.

So you switch to the drawing view and inevitably you always need to scroll in or out depending on the last time you viewed the drawing view.

Any way to match the views as you work?

Any suggestions welcome.



Actually you can! In the bottom left of the camera there’s that diamond icon with the two lines under it? Show current drawing on top - that should isolate whatever you’re drawing with your art layers :slight_smile:

Why not to edit drawing directly from the camera view?

Because I often draw on different art layers and camera view doesn’t isolate the art layers. But thanks for the comment.

Ah! Thank you KateyRdC!

I never understood what that button did until now!

“Current drawing on top” doesn’t really describe what it does.

If only it said something like “Isolate selected art layers” I’d have been using it ages ago.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

That’s because it’s main function is to show the selected drawing on top of others. It’s an extra that it also isolates the selected art layer, if you turn Preview off. “Current Drawing On Top And Isolate Art Layer” would be a quite long name but Toon Boom does tend to have big descriptors on tools.